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Unleash the full potential of your workforce with Peformax People – the cornerstone of efficient people management. Tailored for excellence, our software redefines the way organizations approach HR and personnel administration. Peformax People is not just a software solution; it's a strategic companion in nurturing individual and collective talents, fostering employee engagement, and driving organizational success.

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Braxton Group | Business and People Management Solutions | South Africa

Good People Management

Elevate your business with Good People Management practices designed for individual growth, team synergy, and overall business excellence!

Braxton Group | Business and People Management Solutions | South Africa
Braxton Group | Business and People Management Solutions | South Africa

Peformax People

Experience the pinnacle of management efficiency with Peformax People – your gateway to world-class management software solutions.

8 People Management Software Modules

Designed to liberate, engage, and empower the employee experience, these modules form a comprehensive toolkit that streamlines people management processes. Elevate HR operations, foster meaningful employee engagement, and position your business to attract, develop, and retain top talent. Peformax People is your key to optimizing every facet of people management for organizational success.


Individuals/teams are guided by expectations and motivated to deliver impactful contributions. Recognition is aligned with achievements.


Our Personal and Career Development module cultivates the essential  skills and needed expertise, to benefit both individuals and the overall business.


Fostering commitment and motivation, our module ensures that employees are engaged, energized, and inspired to deliver their best work.


Empowering employees to make informed career choices, this module aligns personal aspirations with fulfilling career expectations.

Role Clarity

Team members benefit from a clear understanding of their tasks, responsibilities, and processes, promoting efficiency and collaboration.


Our Learning Management System supports tailored training, addressing identified skill gaps through reviews or training initiatives assigned by the business or manager.


This module covers the entire employee lifecycle —from attraction to onboarding, development, motivation, and retention of high-performing individuals.


Whether enabling self-development or ensuring mandatory training, our Learning Management System guarantees that training needs are met at the required level.

Experience the agility of our modules, complemented by two robust survey tools, also offered independently. Our anonymous, concise surveys offer valuable insights into skills gaps, training requirements, engagement levels, motivation factors, leadership indices, and personalized reviews.