Learning Management System

Empower your growth through self-development training at the tip of your fingers.

Fulfill your mandatory training requirements effortlessly by accessing and completing courses with formal reporting on the minimum standards achieved. Keep track of training that requires a refresher within a specified timeframe without effort.

Explore diverse training options within the organizational curriculum or linked to underperforming results identified in various reviews. Prioritize and obtain approval for the training that aligns with your development needs.

Take control of your growth journey by choosing to upskill. Align your skills with benchmarks outlined in role profiles for your aspirational future position. Successfully complete relevant modules to empower your self-development path.

Gain Confidence Through Compulsory Learning Prompts

Allow your LMS to keep track of required training and refresher courses and give you and your staff ease of mind that all legislative training is up to date

Compulsory Training listed, tracked and reported:

Training for the Individual, Based on Results or Preference