Business Strategy

In a bustling business environment, achieving focus and alignment is crucial. Our Business Strategy ensures clarity on results (KRA/KPI's), guiding your team with precision. We streamline planning, tracking, monitoring, and action for continuous progress.

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Braxton Group | Business and People Management Solutions | South Africa

Business Strategy

Craft a robust business strategy with focus and alignment. We specialise in honing your organisational vision, ensuring every facet of your business is strategically aligned for success.

Braxton Group | Business and People Management Solutions | South Africa
Braxton Group | Business and People Management Solutions | South Africa

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Seamlessly track, monitor, and take decisive actions on Key Result Area (KRA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Elevate your business performance with precision and agility.

Business Strategy

With Braxton, you can enjoy improved business performance, enhanced decision-making, and a more focused and agile approach to achieving business objectives.

Clarity of Objectives

Clearly defined KRAs and KPIs will help and guide employees to understand their roles and responsibilities within the business


Individual and team objectives are in sync with the organization's strategic goals


Assigning specific KRAs and KPIs to individuals or teams will create a sense of ownership and accountability

Continuous Improvement

Operationalized KRAs and KPIs encourage a culture of continuous improvement

Data-Driven Decision Making

Provide data that can guide decision-making at all levels of the organization

Early Issue Identification

Monitoring KPIs allows organizations to identify issues or deviations from desired performance early

Employee Engagement

Employees who understand how their work contributes to the organization's success will be more engaged and motivated

Improved Communication

Providing an interface to effectively communicate the expected contributions, as well as requirements for personal growth and development

Strategic Adaptation

By regularly reviewing and adjusting KRAs and KPIs, organizations adapt to changing market conditions, customer preferences more effectively

Customer Satisfaction

KRAs and KPIs enable organizations to benchmark their performance against competitors and industry standards

Risk Management

Pre-emptive understanding of potential risks and vulnerabilities in the organization's operations, allowing for proactive risk management

Compliance and Governance

Help organizations ensure compliance with regulations and governance requirements in their industry

Enabling Business Excellence

Amidst the dynamic challenges of business, our Business Strategy fosters focus, alignment, and unparalleled clarity on results, empowering your team to navigate seamlessly towards excellence.

Enabling Business Excellence Through:

Braxton Group | Your People and Business Management Associate | South Africa


Define the fundamental purpose of your business existence with a clear and cohesive strategy, guiding and aligning every endeavor with purpose.

Braxton Group | Your People and Business Management Associate | South Africa

Aligned Performance Standards

Establish aligned performance standards and key metrics to ensure accuracy and consistency in every aspect of your operations.

Braxton Group | Your People and Business Management Associate | South Africa

Strategy, Performance Standards

Seamlessly integrate strategy and performance standards, fostering a culture of continuous improvement for sustained success.

Braxton Group | Your People and Business Management Associate | South Africa


Provide training and coaching to empower your teams, enabling them to embody and achieve business excellence effortlessly.

The Practices:

Business Strategy


Continuous Improvement

Training & Coaching

Create and Sustain Business Excellence

One or a combination of the following business strategies can help you create and sustain business excellence

Braxton Group | Business and People Management Solutions | South Africa

Foundations Offering

Business Strategy: Why does the business exist

Attain clarity on your business’s purpose and align all objectives with a culture that fosters empowerment and achievement.

Craft purposeful Strategic Business Plans that seamlessly connect the dots within your business. Gain clarity on purpose and define impactful contributions, set key objectives, and implement supporting strategies for seamless execution.

Fostering Culture as a Transformative Shift to Enhance Employee Experience: ‘Culture is a business’s single most powerful advantage.’

Reshape the way you work and actively engage through an emphasis on integrating values into all management and developmental processes. Cultivate a workplace where values drive actions, shaping a positive and enriching experience for every employee.

Braxton Group | Business and People Management Solutions | South Africa

Pro Offering

Performance Standards and Key Metrics

Comprehensive solution for defining measures, aligning data sources, reporting, and a dedicated focus on continual improvement.

Define and set your success metrics with precision: Establish and articulate your performance standards, including clear objectives, measurable outcomes, scales, and assigned weights reflecting varying levels of importance or priority. This strategic approach ensures a comprehensive framework to gauge and prioritize success in line with your business goals.

Efficiently collect and process performance data using a diverse array of advanced data management tools. Configure multiple options to seamlessly import or capture data sets, ensuring a streamlined and accurate process for harnessing valuable insights and analytics.

Facilitate easy access to results with our streamlined reporting process. Showcase your outcomes effortlessly through a variety of reporting options and tools, ensuring accessibility and clarity in conveying your business achievements and insights.

Drive Continuous Improvement: Identify areas that require enhancement and effective management. Receive expert guidance on implementing improvements, ensuring a proactive approach to managing and evolving your business processes for ongoing success.

Braxton Group | Business and People Management Solutions | South Africa

Enterprise Offering

Strategy, Performance Standards, and Continuous Improvement

Clarify purpose, align objectives with an empowering culture, and drive improvement with strategic measurements and data alignment.

Craft a purpose-driven Business Plan: Unveiling a clear sense of purpose for your business. ‘Connecting the dots in the business,’ our strategic planning ensures a cohesive and purposeful roadmap for your business success.

Instill a transformative culture that enhances the employee experience: ‘Culture is a business’s single most powerful advantage.’ Our approach brings a valuable shift in values, fostering an enriched and positive experience for every employee within your organization.

Establish and articulate your performance standards with precision. Our strategic approach guides you in defining and setting the benchmarks for success, ensuring a clear and measurable trajectory toward your business goals.

Streamline your reporting process for easy access to results. Our approach ensures a user-friendly experience in accessing and interpreting outcomes through various reporting options, facilitating quick and efficient insights into your business achievements.

Identify areas that require enhancement and effective management. Our systematic approach helps pinpoint aspects that need improvement, ensuring a proactive strategy for ongoing refinement and success within your business.

Training & Coaching Offerings

Designed for Executives, Managers, Supervisors, Non-Management Individuals, and Teams, our holistic People Excellence Solution seamlessly integrates advisory services in People Management, powered by the innovative Peformax People software, for unparalleled success.

Braxton Group | Business and People Management Solutions | South Africa

For Executives, Managers & Supervisors

Empower your executives, managers, and supervisors with Business Excellence solutions, designed to propel your organization towards outstanding results. Our approach leverages strategic metrics for effective business management and continuous improvement, ensuring a dynamic and high-performing business environment.

Braxton Group | Business and People Management Solutions | South Africa

For Non-Management & Teams

Elevate your non-management individuals and teams with Braxton's approach, harnessing the power of metrics to seamlessly support and enhance business results. Our tailored strategies ensure that every member contributes to the collective success, driving a culture of collaboration and achievement.

Braxton Group | Business and People Management Solutions | South Africa

Organisational Development Initiatives

Transform your organizational development initiatives with our facilitation training and equip your team. As custodians of impactful metrics and data, we facilitate continuous improvements and coach Business Excellence, ensuring your organization thrives in its journey toward sustained success.

Strategic Brilliance for Business Excellence

At the heart of business excellence is a meticulously crafted Business Strategy—a dynamic force propelling organizations towards unparalleled success. More than just routine operations, achieving Business Excellence demands a visionary approach.

Braxton Group | Business and People Management Solutions | South Africa

At Braxton, we're crafting visionary business strategies that transform challenges into triumphs.