Individual & team performance management

Enjoy a performance kickstart. Begin your journey by diving into goal setting and performance discussions for individual growth or foster teamwork through team performance management.

Align performance with business objectives by leveraging team-based measures that roll up into key focus areas and objectives. Address underperforming areas with targeted action planning.

Centralize performance for impactful results. Link KPIs, KRAs, Objectives, and Strategy seamlessly. Automate monthly updates. Strategically address underperformance with action planning, assigning due dates and tasks.

Customise Performance Management to Suit Your Needs

Tailor performance management to your requirements with Perform. Experience the Performance Cycle, featuring customized Performance Agreements encompassing goal-aligned KRAs, KPIs, mid-year check-ins, and year-end Reviews with impactful Performance Conversations.

Have relevant settings so that the system can work for you:

Performance Agreements Are Simpler Than Ever

Simplify your Performance Agreements with ease. Tailor the format to suit various roles, ensuring flexibility and user-friendly customization.

Performance Reviews Has Never Been Easier

Efficient and effective Performance Reviews are essential for fostering employee growth, aligning individual goals with organizational objectives, and facilitating clear communication between employees and managers.

Team-Based or Individual:
Tailoring Your Approach to Fit Your Culture

Choosing between team-based or individual performance management involves considering your organization’s nature, goals, and workforce dynamics. Each approach has distinct advantages and considerations, requiring alignment with your workplace’s unique characteristics.

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Individual Approach

Braxton Group | Business and People Management Solutions | South Africa

Team-based Approach